Friday, November 19, 2010

story before sleeping

Mamma, take a look at some other alternatives that can we used, so if you are tired sometimes in the evening, you don’t need to read the fairy tale book for me before sleeping.

This is a book of the future; the new revolutionary EyeMagicBook, which allows a complete 3-dimensional and interactive reading experience.

How cool is this? You can sleep UNDER your bed time story! These blankets from the Bedtime Stories Project have a cute story on them and consist of layers that you can peel off to reveal more layers of the tale.From what I can tell from the images, the story looks like it’s of sleeping beauty. How fitting!


  1. All right. :)
    I want to leave home.
    My mom and I fight all the time, so it dosen't work.
    But i love my family.