Saturday, October 30, 2010

Michella's party

Hello friends,

Today I have been in a birthday party. It is Micella’s 11th party. She is my sister’s best friend. In the beginning she planned to make a party on the swimming pool, and then she changed it to be a kind of combination party with Halloween theme. Firstly, they will celebrate it at home then some of them will hang around in their neighborhood with Halloween costume. I am not interested being outside in the of October with this type of weather, cold, dark and wet, better going home and doing something cool with Mamma.
Actually I do not have a lot of friends from Dagis, (little boring with them…, do not understand blogs or facebook he.. he.. he…), these days I am hanging out more with sister’s friends.
Anyway, I feel tired now, maybe I will sleep early. Don’t know what Mamma plans for tomorrow.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Strawberry ice cream

Hello everybody,

I am just coming from buying food in stores nearby home and now I am sitting on the couch while eating strawberry ice cream. Cold weather is making me lazy; snuggling only under the blanket. Nothing special I have done today and I will not go to for the library as well since I am not finishing with the books that I borrowed last week.
Seems like my strawberry ice cream.

Price for vegetables and fruits have become more expensive as always happens when winter comes closer. They come from long away, not god for environment.
Oh yeah, want to say also that I'm happy now to get thousand more readers from Asia and not only from Europe or America as usual, thanks to you all.

sergel torg

First snow has come in Stockholm, since everybody said that this coming winter will be extremely cold, everybody plans to travel somewhere in the warm country. Last winter was very difficult and long enough for us, I don’t know if the next one is even more.

I came earlier from school because we have appointment with one ads. Company, we did a short interview and made pictures. It was very cold, everybody was in hurry and we forgot my caps. I hope I will not getting cold because of that. Autumn holidays is coming soon, it is sad if I become sick. We kept a couple time in city by sitting in restaurant in front of Sergel Torg.

at film studio

These pictures have taken on Sergel Torg , located beneath the crystal tower which marks the center of the city of Stockholm. It was beautiful evening!
You can see my favorite library “Rum för Barn” in the background of this photo. The library was located on the fourth floor of the building named Kulturhuset. The place was always full with visitors, therefore, before we entered the building, we should see a sort of traffic lights installed in the library window, when the red lamp light means it is full, if the green lamp light means we do not have to stand in queues. Last week I have been there but for tomorrow I think I should feel satisfied with the library nearby home

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

after school

Just come from Dagis. Tired and freezing, cause weather outside it’s not good at all, cold and windy. Road has became slippery of fallen leaves. Papa brings me from Dagis by bus this time. Now I am eating raspberries Risifrutty while I watch Barbie film, Diamond Castle.

It’s about two girls who live together in a cottage nearby a beautiful waterfall and flowers garden. They love to sing and play guitar.


Sabina and I love each other very much. We are always keeping time together. We sit on the bed reading many books that I have borrowed from library or decorating our nails with some cute tiny flowers. You can see my nails, very beautiful isn’t it?

From Idol Tensta 2010

We have got the pictures from Idol Tensta 2010, when Sabina and I were singing and dancing in that contest. Here are

those pictures. Are we so cute hi... hi... hi..?

Monday, October 18, 2010


Everyone in my family love sweet things, especially me and Sabina. Mama shows me several pictures that I like very much!


My favorite sweet cakes which we can wear instead of eat them.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Happy time !!?!!
Not really!
Look my forehead, I fell when I was playing outside.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

time only for me

After whole day at school finally mama comes.
Now it is time for me! And you should close your books!


just joking!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

With papa today


Papa and me have spent time together today by walking to a little pond toward Hjulsta. Papa is an agronomist and he knows many things about plants. He shows me one type of tree which grows along Tensta Alle. He take fruits of them, it is pretty cute fruit with torn around it. Fruits name is Castanea. I bring them home  and plan to play with that.

One Color landscape

What do you think if everything around us only have one color?

Strawberry dreams

Strawberry is one of my favorite fruit. But only in summer we can buy it cheap. In such season like nowadays I can just dream about everything one can do with this fruit.

Have a nice day!


What can I do today, for such perfect date 10-10-10?

Anyway I want to celebrate it with.... many ..cupcakes!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

In the garden nearby home

Saturday, it means trying to find something fun to do. Usually I spend one two hours in library nearby home before doing something else.  But this Saturday we are not going there, one reason, mama is quiet busy with her study and the other reason is Sabina has misplaced her library card somewhere (for more than one thousand times). So instead we play in the garden in front of our home.