Saturday, October 9, 2010

One day in mama's school

Yesterday was full day for me. I was at Dagis when papa brought me home; he said that mama have something to do in her university and she want that I followed with her. We went with subway. KTH is an university name where she is study right now. Mama has many things to do with her study for this autumn, so she needs many…… many books! We went to big library there I didn’t see any child only adult students who are looking very serious studying. They’re looking and smiling at me and I tried not to say any word but went silently beside mama. I love library and mama said that I suppose do love library because it is good. Mama brought many books and put them on my pram. She said that I have to walk instead sit on it. I run toward subway station nearby through KTH’s garden. Roses are still flowering even now summer has gone. We stopped and sit for a while on a bank next to rose’s garden.  Then we have to hurry go to subway because we planned to go to children’s library also. I was so hungry and told mama that I want to go to Mc Donald before. No Mc Donald nearby so instead we ate in Burger King. We stayed only awhile in library because soon it was time to close. On the subway mama said that she forgot  buying CD and DVD for papa, so we changed direction toward Kista and after we got all we need we went home by bus from there.

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