Saturday, October 23, 2010

sergel torg

First snow has come in Stockholm, since everybody said that this coming winter will be extremely cold, everybody plans to travel somewhere in the warm country. Last winter was very difficult and long enough for us, I don’t know if the next one is even more.

I came earlier from school because we have appointment with one ads. Company, we did a short interview and made pictures. It was very cold, everybody was in hurry and we forgot my caps. I hope I will not getting cold because of that. Autumn holidays is coming soon, it is sad if I become sick. We kept a couple time in city by sitting in restaurant in front of Sergel Torg.

at film studio

These pictures have taken on Sergel Torg , located beneath the crystal tower which marks the center of the city of Stockholm. It was beautiful evening!
You can see my favorite library “Rum för Barn” in the background of this photo. The library was located on the fourth floor of the building named Kulturhuset. The place was always full with visitors, therefore, before we entered the building, we should see a sort of traffic lights installed in the library window, when the red lamp light means it is full, if the green lamp light means we do not have to stand in queues. Last week I have been there but for tomorrow I think I should feel satisfied with the library nearby home


  1. hello astrid, thank you for your comment. Your blog was so cute :)
    lets be my friend. I'm in Indonesia, where are you from?

  2. Hi Chia,
    Yup!! Apparently I come from Indonesia, but actually I am Swedish but Mom comes from Indonesia and Pappa comes from Pakistan.