Saturday, October 30, 2010

Michella's party

Hello friends,

Today I have been in a birthday party. It is Micella’s 11th party. She is my sister’s best friend. In the beginning she planned to make a party on the swimming pool, and then she changed it to be a kind of combination party with Halloween theme. Firstly, they will celebrate it at home then some of them will hang around in their neighborhood with Halloween costume. I am not interested being outside in the of October with this type of weather, cold, dark and wet, better going home and doing something cool with Mamma.
Actually I do not have a lot of friends from Dagis, (little boring with them…, do not understand blogs or facebook he.. he.. he…), these days I am hanging out more with sister’s friends.
Anyway, I feel tired now, maybe I will sleep early. Don’t know what Mamma plans for tomorrow.

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  1. Ni är så söta, hur gammal är Michella?