Sunday, November 7, 2010

by boat to Slussen

We were in the city yesterday. We have been in Kulturhuset, my favorites place, and was sitting, playing and reading books there. We planned to take a little journey along Strandvägen.
There is a new train’s lines that cross one posh area in Stockholm. The train started from the crystal tower to Waldemar’s Ude castle. Along the way it dominates with private’s boats parking and old beautiful buildings. It was typical sunny November, people love been outside and roaming around that place. Old or young couples, families with their children, everybody looked happy. The train was full with passengers but luckily we got good place inside. Mamma held me in her arms along the way and she showed me many interesting places. Maybe I will write about those buildings someday here.

Then we walked toward Gröna Lund, where the boat that will bring us to Slussen waiting there. We sit on the boats deck and saw the city became darker and darker.

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