Monday, November 8, 2010

on the Globen

We just come from Globen. I am feeling very tired right now, special the temperature outside is moving to zero. Mamma wanted to show me the city of Stockholm from top of that building ( she is en engineer in building). Globen is the largest hemispherical building in the world and just like a large white ball.

It represents the Sun in the Sweden Solar System, and it is the world's largest scale model of the Solar System. Globen was primarily used for ice hockey, but is also used for musical performances as well as other sports than ice hockey.
It’s very big that I felt like I was standing beside a giant but I was not feeling afraid even little.
Now I can see long to north side of the Stockholm where we are living. It is amazing for me to see small buses and cars from the skyview.
Now, I feel very tired.. good night everybody......zzzzzz