Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunny Sunday

We went to one school yesterday. The day was bright. Sunny day always be hoped of everybody here. It’s a pity to be missed. As I have written above, yeah my parents thought about some school for Sabina. Soon she will finish her primary school and this time we will be sure that she will get a really proper school, because she is a brilliant girl. It was Sunday, so we’re just visiting that school in order to see the place, f.ex. how long from subway,  how are people’s surround opinions about that school, etc. We were very satisfied with the answered that we heard from everybody, and Sabina really can’t wait the time she can start with that new school, Yeah! We’ll see! Sometimes something good it’s not easy to get. On the way back home we took lunch in one Greek restaurant and ate their big pizzas with shrimps plus scallops and falafel!

The snow has become hard, It's very slippery.

Falafel with salad
Big pizza

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