Monday, January 10, 2011

on my table

Hi everybody! How are you? Hope you doing okay! Same with me here. Holidays have finished and I started my school day today. Now I came from Dagis and I will show you how my dearest table is, where I spend my time when evening come, mostly with drawing, reading or doing creative things with my mother.
Mamma found this table from someone in internet for free. Then she painted with white lack colour. She plans to do some other things as well, after she has time to do that. She named it as”Little sweetie Astrid table project.”

I present you, my dearest table!

My music box, I got it in my 3rd birthday
little purse

My favorite’s one, windmill toy that I found on the bus and Hello kitty purse from Mc Donnald.

Pencil holder we made from an old can.

Now you know, I loves books very much. Books everywhere in our home special in my bed rooms, I will show someday,... cheersss.


  1. Jättte söt blogg, särskilt cupcakesen som bakgrund! :)
    Ha det bra!

  2. Hej! Snurrar runt här bland bloggar och stannar upp här hos dej.
    Har du plats på din blogg att göra reklam och tjäna en slant?
    Spana då in denna länk:
    Ha det gott!