Saturday, December 18, 2010

Met Andreas Carlsson!

Finally, I am back! After more than one week away from my blog, as ussuall busy.. busy…hi...hi..hi....
I met Andreas Carlsson last Sunday. He looks younger and simpler in reality. It was very exciting, I was little shy, but we made some pictures together at least.
Andreas carlsson , one of Swedish Idol Jury is one my ” idol”. He is esteemed as one of the world’s finest and accomplished contemporary songwriters. His song have sold over 150 million copies and many others brilliant achievement. You certainly know some of many his songs such as Born to make you happy ( Britney Spears ), I’m alive (Celine Dion) or maybe Bye, Bye, Bye (N’Sync).

Talk about Idol 2010 which just finished last week, the winning song was pretty nice, I believe..listen it!


  1. Wow vad coolt att träffa honom! :D Sv: Tack så jättemycket! :) Glöm inte att följa min blogg via Bloglovin eller bilddagboken.

  2. SV: Eller hur är hon underbar! :)

  3. Just "I'm Alive" var en av mina favoritlåtar när jag var yngre, så jag är inte lite avundsjuk att du fick träffa en av personerna bakom den låten :)

    sv. Tack, detsamma!

  4. Well, you are lucky to did met him :)

    Unforgettable moment, wasn't it? hi hi hi...