Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The fairy tale from Stockholm NK's windows.

We passed NK and saw this quite interesting tale at their windows. It was about Nisse and Nissa first Christmas when they worked for the Santa. So Santa asked them to bring many colours from all over the world because as usual Christmas always white and it’s better to bring more colour to make it more beautiful, so they immediately began to pack the backpacks.
The reddest red in China.
"The finest red color found in China," said Nissan to Nissa. Directly they began to dig a tunnel through the globe - every elf knows that China is located directly below us. When they came out the other side, Santa had booked a dragon that sat and waited. "You will get pepper cake if you take us to the reddest red," said Nissa. "Jump on my back, so we fly east of the Great Wall of China and the west of the sea. There is red so that it is enough to Easter, "said the dragon and swallows pepper cake in one bite.
Sparkling Indian purple.
Before they left, and Nissa and Nisse chatted with Jamal in India. "Flight here from China. The dragon can find, "said Jamal Soon they are in a bustling urban center of that country. There was an elephant, hissed cobra, and some monkeys. Jamal gaves them a sparkling amethyst and declares: "Let the Nordic light by this strain.
Blue Sea from the Indian Ocean.
Nissa and Nisse are relaxing by swimming when a pirate ship slide up. "Santa's elves in the Indian Ocean! Now I've seen it all, "cried the captain. Luckily, its nice pirates, but hungry! Nissa and Nisse looked through their backpacks and find oranges, tangerines and nectarines and Christmas apples from Sweden. Pirates rejoice and give thanks to Nissa and Nisse the finest they have: an indigo-dyed cloth. ”Add this into something wet, so you get blue, "said the pirate´s captain.
In Egypt, gleaming gold.
The next morning Nissa and Nisse woke up, "Land Ahoy!" When they look out, they see nothing but sand. "Sausages and camels! It is Egypt, "said the captain.”All aboard. We'll give this magic carpet ride to my friend the pharaoh. "They fly past the sphinxes, pyramids and Bedouins and landing softly in the Pharaoh's treasury. They can hardly believe their eyes. It gleams and flashes of glittering, shimmering gold. Pharaoh is so happy for the magic carpet that he gives Nissa and Nisse a golden oil lamp. "Rub this. Then they have the most expensive color, gold. "
Spruce green color in Svedala.
returning home got very soon when you rode the Santa's reindeer . "From the Sahara to Svedala within an hour. New record, "notes Nissan and Nissa while they sortered all colors. Soon shimmers of Chinese red, Indian lilac, ocean blue and gold Egyptian, arrived in the Santa’s shop. The Santa would namely hand out colorful gift this time. Nissa and Nisse had only one thing left to do: decorated the tree. They fill it with beads and ornaments, careful not to hide fir natural color. "Green's also nice," said Nissa.